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Elmedin Zunic

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Elmedin works across a wide range of media, encompassing installation, photography, drawing and video. Over the past 10 years, he has been actively involved in both the art scene of Australia as well as those abroad; exhibiting in South Africa, Kurdistan and Norway. Philosophy forms a strong aspect of Elmedin's conceptual framework. His work often refers to philosophies that address alienation, identity and existentialism.


The visual discourse is recurrently charged with issues of social and political unrest and expatriation- all of which the artist has personal connections to – having grown up during the conflict that consumed former Yugoslavia.


Elmedin currently resides in Melbourne where he is undertaking his doctorate at Victorian College of the Arts. His research investigates ways contemporary art negotiates history and memory, particularly historical trauma, through the case example of the conflict in Bosnia between the years 1992-1995 and its aftermath. Trauma is an apparent and visible currency of the 1992-95 war, which defines Bosnian identity – identity constructed through readings of the past.


The historical configuration of the disintegration of the FYR (Former Yugoslav Republic) meets a psychoanalytic prism - the Freudian concept of Nachträglichkeit.

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